When I first heard the Jimi Hendrix LP Axis Bold as Love, I knew I had to learn to play the guitar. The next few years were very frustrating. I could never make my Harmony arch-top, acoustic guitar sound like Jimi, but I've been playing ever since. Music has always been a large part of my life.

My first real job was teaching music. In fact I first started writing tunes the year I worked as a music teacher, writing a musical with some of the students at the school. I eventually moved into regular classroom teaching. However, I always kept involved with playing guitar and writing tunes, playing in a few local bands in Vancouver.

I'm involved in two other great musical projects, The Usual Suspects, and The Jeff & Joe Bro Show and I'm still excited to discover new musical territory.

The live recordings on the Music page were made at the famous Yale Hotel in Vancouver with the band Krezendo and others with friend musicians at home. All the other tunes were done solo at home. The guitar parts were recorded through my Cybertwin amp, the rest of the instrumentation was done with soft-synth sounds using Cubase.

No Disguise is my newest recording, but I have many unfinished tunes to get towhich I intend to complete and post here in the near future, presently my other musical endeavours have been keeping me busy.